Packer Template for macOS 11 on VMware Fusion

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Testing macOS 11 Big Sur is underway at a lot of organizations in preparation for its release. Lot’s of changes to macOS will have impact on tooling and compatibility. Looking around I didn’t see any existing solutions for automating the build of macOS 11 VMs. With this template and related tools you can easily build and customize macOS VM’s for testing.

1git clone

Or just head to the github page A discussion thread has been created in the packer comunity

This packer template is written in hcl2 syntax as an exercise in using the newer method of template creation. I ran into a couple issues that are noted in the full readme. With the current version of macOS 11 and VMware Fusion building the template with a macOS 11 host results in networking issues preventing ssh from connecting.

The video below is a accelerated time screen recording of the ~50 minute build process. You can see voiceover and boot command keys getting open and downloading the payloads to start the build.